Questions? We've Got Answers

Questions? We've Got Answers

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Q: Why hire a video production company?

A: We use a team of writers, producers, directors, editors and technicians whose professional experiences can help you avoid hundreds of unforeseen headaches including cost-effective scheduling, call-to-action creativity, legal matters, current industry standards and much much more.

Q: Why should I choose AVO?

A: Because we have a dedication to excellence, a long list of satisfied customers, nearly 25 years of experience, and extremely competitive rates.

Q: How Much Does it Cost?

A: We’ve worked with budgets from several thousand dollars to the kind with a few hundred. Cost depends on the idea and the number of scenes, locations, crew members and graphics required to get the job done. Give us a call and we can talk over your idea, your budget and how we can work with you to get your ideas produced.

Q: How Long Does it Take?

A: We have worked on some truly insane production timelines and delivered amazing results but we don’t recommend it. For a commercial or web video we’d like about three weeks. For larger productions please allow six weeks or more. This provides enough time for approvals, casting and getting the best people and resources in places.

Q: What do I Need and Where do I Start?

A: That’s the easy part! Jot down your idea(s) and give us a call!